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13 November 2023

Panel Power

We’re over halfway to achieving 100% renewable energy in our operations

As humans, we continue to have a disproportionate impact on the planet. The wasteful aspects of consumerism and our thirst for fossil fuels are leading to a continued rise in greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. Conclusions drawn from reports on climate change are clear – we need to push ‘the fast forward button’ on our net zero efforts. To reach this goal we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by investing in clean energy.

Solar Power – The Time is Now

At Mainetti, we’ve been reducing our own carbon footprint and that of our clients. Last year we launched Full Circle, an initiative that defines how we operate and includes a plan to decarbonize our operations as well as promote the circular economy.

In fact, since 2014 we have adopted a phased approach to the installation of solar panels across several of our facilities worldwide, with the first solar panels installed at our facility in Castelgomberto, Italy.

As a result of solar panel installations, our facilities have the capacity to generate approximately 3,370.5 KW of power. Currently over half (63.4%) of the energy used by the group is renewable, reducing our CO2 emissions by approximately 6,487 tons per year. The aim is to increase this to 80% by 2025 and 100% by 2030. We are well on the way to achieving these objectives, as four of our facilities in India, Italy, Vietnam, and China are already using 100% renewable energy through a combination of power generated from our own solar panels or grid-sourced renewable electricity utilizing iREC and PPA energy attribute certificates.

Benefits of Renewable Energy

There are multiple benefits of utilizing renewable energy, the most important being that it emits no or low greenhouse gases – which is good for the planet. It’s also better for our health as renewable energy emits no or low air pollutants. Installation costs are falling year on year and onsite generation protects us from the huge spikes in energy prices we have seen in 2022 and 2023, resulting from the uncertainty of supply caused by the war in Ukraine. Onsite generation can also make Mainetti’s energy provision more resilient and less prone to outages.

Roberto Peruzzo, Mainetti CEO comments: “At Mainetti, operating sustainably is the way we do business. It is one of the main reasons our clients choose to partner with us because we can help them achieve their own sustainability goals. Clean energy is part of the solution to help us avoid the growing climate disaster. Installing solar panels across the business is just one of the ways that we are reducing the amount of CO2 our facilities emit into the air. Our aim is to tackle climate change head-on – it’s good for the planet and it’s good for business.”