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5 February 2024

Mainetti Expands Bangladesh Operations, Strengthening Sustainable Flexible Packaging Business in Southern Asia

The new facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh, utilizes Mainetti Polyloop – a closed-loop recycling system – to diversify sustainable packaging solutions for retailers.

[ Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, February 3, 2024 ] – Mainetti, a global leader in the packaging industry, has today announced the expansion of its operations in Bangladesh, signalling a significant strategic move to bolster its sustainable flexible packaging business and scale the company’s Polyloop recycling initiative.

Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the new facility spans across 85,000 square feet and is set to revolutionize sustainable packaging solutions for both regional and international retail brands. Inaugurated on February 3, 2024, the new facility marks a pivotal milestone in Mainetti’s commitment to addressing the evolving needs of retailers and delivering on its ambitious five-year growth plan for flexible packaging.

Michelle Boon, Global Head of Flexible Packaging at Mainetti, said: “We are proud of this next step in our journey. After sixty years in the global packaging industry, we know the importance that product innovation is to our customers. Our circular processes and sustainable product portfolio are fueling the growth of our packaging business. This new facility in Dhaka will contribute to furthering our Full Circle strategy to decarbonize our operations and promote the circular economy. Our expanded footprint enables us to deliver responsible plastic packaging to more international retailers, manufacturers, and brands.”

The facility in Bangladesh is projected to meet an output of 1.3 million bags per day, including transit bags, self-seal adhesive bags, and display bags. Production is also shortly set to commence for paper banderoles, with plans in place to produce hangers, care labels, and tags that incorporate RFID technology. In pursuit of an even smaller environmental footprint, Mainetti is also working towards the implementation of solar panels at the new factory, aiming to generate 650KW of clean energy.  

Michelle Boon continued: “This strategic move not only positions Mainetti to address the evolving needs and demands of retailers across UK, Europe, USA and Australia, but also underscores our commitment to sustainability and innovation. The new facility showcases the latest advances in responsible packaging for the retail, manufacturing, and industrial sectors, and provides us with ample capacity to support our growth objectives. As the Ellen MacArthur Foundation says, it’s how we use plastic, keeping it in the supply chain as long as possible by reusing the materials. With Mainetti we have up to 100% recycled plastic content, much of it derived in a closed loop circular economy solution for flexible packaging and films. Every day we are looking at innovative approaches to packaging with plastic.” 

Mainetti’s recent developments address the challenge for circular approaches to sourcing plastic bags and films. The successful launch of Mainetti Polyloop in the UK and European markets in April 2021 was a world first global initiative. The closed-loop recycling system for clear polyethylene film has garnered substantial interest and demand from retailers, brands, and garment manufacturers in Asia. 

This expansion aligns with Mainetti’s strategy to decarbonize its manufacturing operations and champion the circular economy. Mainetti joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Network in 2021 and in line with the principles of a circular economy, the company emphasises the importance of keeping plastic in the supply chain for as long as possible, utilising up to 100% recycled content plastic. The company remains committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing and business production of packaging, branding, and supply chain solutions. 

About Mainetti    
For over sixty years, Mainetti has been a trusted partner to the world’s most respected and well-known retail and apparel brands. The company’s 6,000 employees in 90 locations on six continents are united in a mission to deliver innovative products and sustainable solutions for their customers. As the largest hanger company in the world, the name Mainetti is synonymous with superior quality, exceptional service, and a global support network. Today, Mainetti’s diversified portfolio includes packaging, branding and intelligent solutions. The company leads the industry with reuse and recycling programs for hangers and polybags. Mainetti’s patented Hangerloop™ and Polyloop circular processes are part of its Full Circle sustainability initiative to decarbonize its operations and promote the circular economy. Mainetti is a proud Member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 

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