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We understand that every customer requires something different

We work directly with them to identify problems and deliver imaginative solutions. Our in-house research and development team has a proven track record of delivering exciting products. While hangers are the foundation of Mainetti, we have expanded our global offerings to include a wide range of innovative and sustainable products, including flexible and structural packaging, labels and tags, RFID and EAS, and personal protective equipment.

Whether searching for an existing product or one crafted to fit your needs, you’ll find that all Mainetti products are made with an attention to detail and focus on quality that we proudly stand behind.

Hangers & Accessories

Mainetti was built on hangers. They remain the core of our business. We offer thousands of stock and custom options, and work with each customer to find the right hanging solution at the right price.

Sometimes, a hanger is just the beginning. We offer size markers, plaques, connectors, and more to enhance the look and functionality of your displays.


NextLevel RFID

Mainetti’s NextLevel RFID takes retailers beyond basic inventory counting and provides solutions to improve profitability today with a focus on what matters – the customer.


Labels & Tags

We offer customized, creative designs and materials for a unique, informative customer encounter. Our range of products empower designers to create impactful branding and labeling.


RFID Labels & Service Bureau

Mainetti offers a complete line of trim, packaging, and intelligent labeling solutions for retailers and brand owners.


Flexible Packaging

Mainetti is unique in having a global production network for flexible packaging, set up to serve the needs of the retail apparel industry.


Structural Packaging

Mainetti presents a wide range of premium products that represent a great branding opportunity.  Our packaging leverages our heritage in innovation, design and manufacturing expertise.



Mainetti provides personal protective equipment and healthy lifestyle products that enable consumers and businesses to stay in the game.

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