Retailers and brands have trusted Mainetti to deliver exceptional products for over sixty years. Our diversified portfolio enables companies to package and display their products, manage their inventory, and achieve their sustainability objectives. Mainetti’s products adhere to the strictest testing protocols and are supported by experienced professionals on six continents. Our designers and engineers work closely with our clients and partners to deliver innovative solutions that transform the retail marketplace.


In 1961, the Mainetti brothers manufactured the first plastic hanger, and the company has not stopped innovating since. Today Mainetti is the largest hanger company in the world.

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Flexible Packaging

Companies are looking to source packaging from a reputable global supplier. Mainetti offers a chain of custody for recycled content, factory certifications, and helps clients incorporate circular principles into their supply chains.

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Structural Packaging

Mainetti offers bags and boxes to help protect, transport, and display products. Our packaging leverages our design and engineering capabilities, global manufacturing footprint, and commitment to the environment.

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Branding Solutions

Reca Mainetti, our luxury division, is a leading provider of labels, tags, and fashion accessories for exclusive customers. We showcase brands and decorate their products in order to catch consumers’ attention.

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Intelligent Solutions

Mainetti helps retailers boost profitability and enhance their business with Intelligent Solutions, including NextLevel RFID, which simplifies inventory accuracy and optimizes store processes.

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