Mainetti offers premium-quality bags and boxes to help protect, transport, and display products. We leverage our design and engineering capabilities, global manufacturing footprint, and sustainable considerations to accelerate the development process. Mainetti experts are available to ensure that your packaging performs effectively and promotes your brand. We believe that every package is a storytelling opportunity with the capability to excite customers. 


A truly special package can create the perception that the product contained inside is valuable, high priced and premium quality. Mainetti offers a full range of customizable branded retail packaging. We provide sustainable options including FSC-certified and recycled paper stocks to help reduce your carbon footprint. The right packaging excites your customers, while achieving your branding and sustainability objectives.


We believe that shopping bags can do more than just protect and transport products. The perfect bag promotes your products and extends your brand experience beyond the retail environment. Mainetti offers automatic and handmade paper bags, including FSC-certified and recycled paper options, as well as reusable, non-woven bags for retail shopping applications. Mainetti’s fully custom or stock paper shopping bags help you create the right impression for your customers.


Fabric bags enable brands to protect high value items, including footwear and accessories. Premium and luxury brands realize that these bags serve as a branding opportunity. When a fabric bag is well made, it can live long beyond the point of purchase. Mainetti offers the finest materials, including sustainable options, for tote bags, dust bags, envelopes, drawstring bags, hanger covers, and fabric shoppers. Every time the customer reaches for that perfect pair of shoes, they are met with beautifully designed fabric bags, reminding them of the quality of the brand and craftsmanship of the product within.


Garment bags showcase your brand while protecting your high-value apparel during transport. The brand experience doesn’t end at the point of purchase – the best garment bags are designed to last and promote your brand long after the sale. Choose from a wide range of options, including luxurious fabrics and sustainable materials. When the customer purchases their new suit, dress or outerwear and carries it home in a custom garment bag, the packaging reinforces the quality and value of the brand and its products for years to come.


Every package presents a branding and storytelling opportunity, whether the purchase begins in-store or online. Before the customer interacts with the product inside, they engage with the packaging first, providing an opportunity to create excitement and remind them of why they made the purchase.


E-commerce packaging protects your products while complying with shipping requirements. The best e&#8209commerce solutions showcase your products and celebrate your brand. Mainetti offers corrugated boxes and coordinated e-commerce accessories, including branded tissue paper, ribbons, stickers, and receipt holders that can be customized using a variety of printing and finishing options. As more interactions between brands and customers are happening through e&#8209commerce, the right packaging is essential to delivering the perfect unboxing experience.


E&#8209commerce envelopes are a paper-based solution designed to safely deliver lightweight products to your customers. Memorable e&#8209commerce envelopes are fully customized to reflect your brand image and create a unique unwrapping experience. If you’re looking to ship your products in curbside-recyclable e&#8209commerce packaging, Mainetti offers FSC-certified mailers and 100% recycled envelopes to achieve your objectives. Mainetti’s paper envelopes deliver the perfect sustainable, branded e&#8209commerce solution.