Mainetti is looking for talented people to join one of the most innovative companies in retail. The company is expanding its sustainable product portfolio to help our clients achieve their sustainability objectives. For over sixty years Mainetti has earned a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and serving as a trusted partner to the world’s most famous retailers and brands. The company that commercialized the first mass-produced hanger continues to transform the Fashion industry. At Mainetti, we empower our customers around the world to create the future of retail.


We are committed to a fair, respectful, and engaging work environment that inspires our team to thrive professionally and personally while contributing to the communities in which we operate. Only by employing the best people can we produce outstanding products and deliver first-class service.


We are committed to helping employees develop their skills and knowledge. We recognize and reward exceptional performance while observing best practices in developing teamwork. We conduct relationships with our employees in an honest, open, and trustworthy manner.


Mainetti recognizes the importance of providing a work environment that ensures equal opportunity, ongoing training, and personal growth. We uphold a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, victimization, or harassment, promoting equal opportunities for all in an ethical, safe, and healthy environment.

Our human rights and labor code of conduct aligns with the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code (ETI).

With over 6,000 dedicated employees, they form the core of our business. We prioritize their professional fulfillment, work-life balance, and valuable contributions to our diverse workforce.


We believe that our success comes from our people. If you are interested in joining the most innovative team in retail and fashion, please submit your resume/CV today.