In 1961, the Mainetti brothers manufactured the first plastic hanger, and the company has not stopped innovating since. Today Mainetti is the largest hanger company in the world. The company designs plastic hangers for use in circular processes, paper-based and wooden hangers for companies that want to go plastic-free, and luxury display hangers for use in the shops of the world’s most exclusive brands. With strict testing protocols and local service on six continents, Mainetti ensures that its products meet the highest quality standards.


Mainetti is committed to developing products that align with its Full Circle strategy – specifically reducing carbon emissions in its operations and promoting circular solutions for reusing its products again and again. We design our hangers to fuse luxury aesthetics and environmentally conscious considerations. Clients have a choice of an extensive range of materials and processes, supported by a worldwide group of experts. Mainetti offers unique sustainable solutions that do not compromise luxury or design.


Mainetti designs plastic hangers for use in a circular economy. We craft our sustainable hangers to be reused while minimizing the use of oil-derived virgin plastic. These hangers are produced with recycled materials and are engineered to be light and sturdy. Our in-house technologists ensure that our products pass Mainetti’s rigorous testing procedures. Our manufacturing processes are guided by sustainability experts who ensure we minimize waste and use raw materials that meet our customers’ requirements. As the pioneer of closed-loop processes for hangers, whenever possible Mainetti reuses plastic that is already in the retail supply chain to make hangers from hangers.


Mainetti’s Hangerloop™ process is at the heart of its commitment to support a circular economy. We developed a first-of-its-kind reuse and recycling solution for plastics forty years ago. This process involves using reverse logistics to collect and inspect used hangers, reusing them if they pass inspection, or recycling the materials to mold them into new hangers. Mainetti significantly lessens the need for new raw materials, reduces waste, and combats the challenges posed by single-use plastics. Our circular aspirations are outlined in our membership in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which supports keeping previously manufactured materials in the supply chain for as long as possible. As Mainetti continuously strives to address challenges in retail, the Hangerloop™ process reimagines the lifecycle of a hanger and serves as a benchmark for the industry.


Mainetti is expanding its portfolio of products to address the needs of those clients that want to eliminate plastic from their retail operations. We offer a variety of material options including paper fiberboard, FSC-certified wood, and upcycled biopolymers. Mainetti manufactures durable, eco-friendly hangers in-house. Our plastic-free hanger ranges highlight our commitment to developing paper-based solutions with the high-quality standards that clients trust.


Paperform Hangers are a first-of-its-kind innovation designed and engineered by Mainetti’s experts. The range features unmatched performance and quality for a recycled cardboard hanger. Our patented design is the perfect choice for premium and luxury brands seeking alternatives to plastic. When we designed these hangers we did not compromise on form or function. While flat hangers save space, Paperform Hangers improve the appearance of the garment by showcasing its shape. This stylish plastic-free solution demonstrates Mainetti’s commitment to move the fashion industry forward.



Mainetti’s Thecha range of hangers are made of 100% cellulose fiber produced from recycled paper. Thecha hangers are rounded and tapered to present garments in a flattering way. They are “three-dimensional” premium display hangers with performance attributes not found in a traditional flat paper hanger. Thecha molded paper pulp hangers are unique in the market with a minimal imprint on our environment. When combined with our recycled steel hooks, Thecha hangers are fully compatible with global recycling streams.


Mainetti’s Silhouette Hangers bring together sustainability and simplicity in a single design. Made from FSC-certified sources with recycled content, our card hangers offer an alternative for retailers seeking to go plastic-free. Their space-saving design is customizable and limited only by your imagination. Silhouette Hangers are fully compatible with global recycling streams. We offer a range of popular styles in standard sizes, providing an effective way to present garments while reducing environmental impact.


Mainetti’s Wooden Hangers are a stylish and sustainable choice for retailers. Crafted from FSC-certified wood, these hangers offer a traditional and attractive solution without compromising environmental responsibility. Their durability and classic design make them a favorite amongst high-end retailers. Each of our FSC&#8209certified Wooden Hangers is a testament our commitment to creating premium and sustainable products. These hangers ensure your garments are displayed in the most sophisticated manner.


Mainetti’s display hangers are designed to elevate the retail experience. We craft our hangers from superior materials and finish them to perfection, ensuring that your garments are presented in the most refined way possible. Mainetti’s luxury display hangers complement high-end apparel to create a lasting impression.


Mainetti’s storied history goes back to the 1960’s, in an era where many of the finest designers in Italy first turned to the Mainetti brothers for products to present their garments. Even in those early years it was their beautiful display hangers that made Mainetti famous. Today we have the widest range of display hangers in retail, along with the ability to create and customize them in our own factories. One of our most recognized luxury hanger lines is our Sartoriale range (pictured) which represents the highest standard in Italian design. It is a blend of style and function, creating an elevated experience for retailers and customers alike. Sartoriale Hangers display your garments in the most flattering light and are a true embodiment of luxury and style.


Mainetti’s clients place a premium on innovation and performance. We have built a legacy of reliability and trust by investing in material science, product design, and engineering. When we were challenged to create a lightweight hanger with the look of a luxurious wooden hanger, we created one of the most durable products in our range. Airtech Hangers (pictured) are a perfect solution for luxury hotels, spas, and retailers worldwide, as they are water and scratch resistant. Available in multiple colors and finishes, Airtech incorporates cutting-edge design and technology to offer a versatile range of hangers that showcase products and are built to last.


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