Intelligent Solutions

Mainetti helps retailers boost profitability and enhance their business with Intelligent Solutions, including NextLevel RFID (powered by Retail Reload), which simplifies inventory accuracy and optimizes store processes, and Scan & Go (in partnership with MishiPay), a mobile self-checkout solution that improves efficiency and grows revenue. We enable our clients to achieve sales targets by managing and fulfilling orders more profitably, with greater efficiency, and with faster checkouts for an improved omnichannel experience.

nextlevel rfid

Mainetti’s NextLevel RFID solutions revolutionize inventory management by going beyond simple product counting, enabling retailers to thrive in today’s competitive economy. Our RFID technology ensures real-time accuracy at the unit level and simplifies everyday retail processes, resulting in a smooth shopping experience. NextLevel RFID helps retailers address key challenges:

• Product Serialization
• Source Tagging
• Warehouse Tracking
• Order Preparation
• Inventory Count
• EAS Anti-theft
• Salesfloor Replenishment Alerts
• Order Fulfillment
• Interactive Dressing Rooms

RFID Labels

Mainetti offers a complete line of customized trim, packaging, and intelligent labeling solutions for retailers and brands. We provide both UHF and NFC products that are certified for use with major RFID programs. These can be integrated into hangtags, price tickets, packaging, and adhesive labeling. With in-house service bureaus, Mainetti is able to supply variably imprinted labels and tags, including both traditional barcode and RFID-enabled tickets.


In an era of fleeting customer loyalty, frustrating shopping experiences are no longer acceptable. Mainetti’s solutions allow customers to seamlessly acquire their items when and where they need them, ensuring their utmost satisfaction and ongoing engagement.

Scan & Go

Mainetti Scan & Go was developed in partnership with MishiPay and is a mobile self-checkout solution that optimizes store efficiency. We excite customers by offering the convenience to bypass POS queues and enjoy an effortless shopping experience. Retailers benefit by having 50% lower operational costs for cashier payroll, while their customers have visibility to promotions and digital receipts. Mainetti Scan & Go is the ideal mobile solution to upgrade your overall customer experience.

accelerate retail performance

Mainetti’s NextLevel RFID and Scan & Go technologies enhance customer experience, boost conversion rates, optimize omnichannel sell-through, and increase store turnover. By making retail processes more efficient, we enable your associates to focus entirely on the customer, resulting in faster checkouts, higher transaction values, and greater customer retention.