Mainetti creates products that enable customers to achieve their sustainability objectives, and provides solutions to move the fashion industry forward. Our Full Circle initiative aims to reduce carbon output and utilize 100% renewable energy in our operations by 2030. Mainetti promotes circular economy principles to solve the challenge of single-use plastics. We do this while providing an ethical, safe, and healthy work environment for our employees.


Mainetti demonstrates its commitment to minimizing its impact on the environment through its Full Circle initiative. The pillars of Full Circle – Decarbonization and Circularity – are the basis for Mainetti’s sustainability directive. Mainetti actively engages with entities that strive to achieve a more sustainable tomorrow. We aim to create solutions to address climate change and to help transition customers from a linear to a circular business model.

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Scientists have estimated that by limiting global warming to 1.5°C, we can reduce the odds of the most destructive effects of climate change. At Mainetti we have set Science Based targets and quantified our sustainability objectives. We have implemented a multi-stage decarbonization program. We work closely with our retail and supply chain partners and invest resources in product innovation with the goal to achieve net zero by 2030.


In 2021, we started a project called the Mainetti Global Forest. We planted 6,000 trees on 6 continents to commemorate our company’s 60th Anniversary. That’s one tree for every employee. One hundred trees for every year we have been in business. We didn’t stop there. Today, there are over 30,000 trees in the Mainetti Global Forest.

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For our 60th Anniversary, Mainetti made a series of commitments in its membership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. We agreed to help lead the transition to a circular economy in the retail and fashion industry. Mainetti would also strive to transition 100% of our energy to renewable resources by 2030. We asked our employees the question: “What Does Sustainability Mean to You?” We heard from our people on all six continents where we operate. Here are some responses.

“Mainetti shares our belief that through the circular economy, businesses can play a vital role in meeting many of the global challenges we face today, such as climate change, waste, and pollution.”



Mainetti has long integrated circular economy principles into the design and manufacture of its products. We provide well-established solutions that enable retailers to promote circularity in their operations. In 2021, Mainetti joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to accelerate the global transition to a circular economy. As part of the membership, Mainetti signed The Global Commitment setting ambitious targets to commit to change how the company produces, uses, and reuses plastic. Mainetti is also active in the Foundation’s Network, a collaborative network of businesses, innovators, cities and governments, universities and thought leaders. Mainetti has worked with fellow members including Cisco, Microsoft, and Estée Lauder on projects to accelerate the adoption of circular economy practices and processes.


For nearly forty years, Mainetti has designed hangers to be reused in circular processes. We debuted our industry-leading hanger reuse and recycle program – Hangerloop – in 1986. Whenever possible we reclaim hangers for reuse and distribute them in-country and to international markets where garments are produced.

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Mainetti provides a world first closed-loop recycling initiative that we call Polyloop. Polyloop is a global Clear Polythene Recycling Process which enables us to provide customers with a closed-loop recycling system for all of their clear polythene sourcing requirements.

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“One of our key targets is to ensure that 100% of our packaging will be converted to recyclable, reusable, or compostable alternatives by 2025. In working with Mainetti’s Polyloop system, we can recycle and reuse our polybags with confidence they will not end up in landfill, helping us meet our sustainability targets. Waste isn’t waste unless we waste it, closing the loop is the answer and Mainetti’s Polyloop system is the best solution we have found to date.”