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Innovation is in our DNA

For sixty years, Mainetti has been a trusted partner to the world’s most respected and well-known retail and apparel brands. Our 6,000 employees in 90 locations on 6 continents are guided by the mission to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.

As the company that pioneered garment hanger reuse and recycling four decades ago, Mainetti has introduced a closed loop recycling process for flexible packaging and films, enabling retailers to address the challenge of single use plastics. As leaders in the global circular economy, we continuously search for material science breakthroughs to transform our products and move the fashion industry forward. Today, we have partnered with climate change experts to become Carbon Neutral in our operations, in this, our 60th year in business.

At Mainetti, Innovation is in our DNA.


Mainetti designers continuously work to make products that perform better, are more sustainable, and help achieve business objectives. We have a constantly expanding product catalog that incorporates the latest designs, technologies, and materials.

Mainetti anticipates future needs for a changing landscape

Mainetti continuously invests in the research & development for all aspects of the global supply chain while simultaneously controlling business costs.  We will remain industry leaders by pushing the boundaries.

Mainetti is driven to:

  • Combine our strengths to constantly deliver new solutions that solve real problems.
  • Design exciting products that enhance our customers’ goals and ultimate consumer experience.
  • Optimize existing processes to drive value in the supply chain.
  • Minimize our environmental impact and contribute to the communities in which we operate.

Quality & Safety

Mainetti was built by creating the highest quality products and operating under the most rigorous safety standards.


Product Design

Mainetti constantly innovates product through exceptional design and improved quality to enhance overall performance.



Mainetti operates cutting-edge, environmentally-conscious manufacturing, reuse & recycling and distribution facilities in 90+ locations on six continents.