Mauna N.V., with its registered office in Helmond, the Netherlands, is the Holding and Finance company of a set of direct and indirect subsidiaries that make up the Mainetti Group (“the Group”).

In its role as the parent, Mauna N.V. seeks to protect its investment in the Group. This involves oversight of, and support to, the senior management of the Group in making key decisions related to investments, acquisitions, disinvestments, capacity rationalization, financing, compliance and accounting including managing the preparation of the consolidated accounts.

Mauna N.V. has a duly constituted governing board of directors who are ably supported in their governance duties by a strategic advisory committee (the “Policy Committee”). The Policy Committee’s role is essentially protecting and enhancing the value of Mauna N.V.’s investment in the Group and the underlying business and of the operating subsidiaries of the Group. The Committee comprises of the board members of Mauna N.V. together with professionals with a wide variety of strategic advisory, investment, financing and operating expertise. The Policy Committee advises on and supports the overall strategy and other key decisions related to all aspects of the Group.