Branding Solutions

Reca Mainetti, our luxury division, is a leading provider of labels, tags, and fashion accessories for exclusive customers. We showcase brands and decorate their products in order to catch consumers’ attention. From our R&D team, who analyzes fashion trends and presents them to the industry, to our designers who distill the trends into innovations for luxury and premium brands, Reca Mainetti is at the forefront of fashion.


The perfect label completes the garment by making the brand recognizable, giving it an identity on a crowded selling floor. It should be comfortable and imperceptible against the wearer’s skin. The label should be able to withstand the test of time by being durable and beautifully designed, without suffering the seasonality of fashion. Reca Mainetti offers the finest-quality woven labels, printed fabric labels, care labels, and heat transfer labels to identify for products and promote your brand. When done right, labels go beyond simple accessories and become elements of style. They can elevate the perceived quality and value of garments while achieving your branding and sustainability objectives.


The hangtag is the primary brand communicator on a garment and the ideal opportunity to set your brand apart. The best hangtags tell stories and contribute both aesthetically and functionally to the success of an apparel item. The hangtag must celebrate the brand and present the right impression to the customer. It should be tastefully-designed and integrate with the message of the brand. Hangtags, tickets, and stickers communicate size, fit, pricing, and instructions, serving a practical and functional role. Reca Mainetti provides a wide range of environmentally-friendly options, including FSC-certified and 100% recycled stocks to further your sustainability mission while telling you story to the world.


Patches are the primary brand communication component on the exterior of a garment, footwear, or fashion accessory. Superior patches and specialty trim items go beyond traditional labeling, enhancing the fashion design, adding personality, and creating distinction. As the key permanent branding product that can adjust to the seasons, Reca Mainetti follows the fashion trends and provides solutions to help brands interpret those seasonal trends into their exterior branding. We offer the latest innovations in microinjection, rubber, silicone, leather, metal, and embroidery to customize your products with modern branding elements that attract discerning customers.


At Reca Mainetti, everything starts with design. Today we are focusing on innovating products to be more intelligent, more sustainable, and more beautiful than ever. When the customer is ready to make their final selection, it is the little details that make a big difference.


A brand seal is a valuable component for hangtags by helping to guarantee authenticity of the product. They are used in high value items to add a layer of security for suits, dresses, outerwear, accessories, and leather goods. Our strings and seals are fully customizable and are available in a range of materials, including metals, woods, and mother of pearl, to suit your needs. We also offer sustainable options for brand seals including recycled plastic, and organic cotton and recycled polyester for the strings. Reca Mainetti brand seals secure your high value goods, while complementing your brand presentation.


Reca Mainetti recognizes that the beauty of branding is in the details. We provide our fashion clients with the broadest selection of customized ribbons and branded specialty trims for the perfect detail on a sleeve, a waistband or a shoulder strap for a bag. Reca Mainetti offers branded continuous trims and ribbons can be made from a variety of materials including jacquard fabrics, silk, cotton, wool, and cashmere. We provide a range of sustainable options for our premium and luxury clients, including branded ribbons made from recycled polyester yarns. Mainetti ribbons are a trend-right custom branded component for apparel and accessories.

Special Accessories

Limited only by your imagination, our specialty trims, gadgets, zipper pulls, keychains, branded fasteners, pins, bracelets, jewelry, and everything in between, are added value components. These branding solutions can be sold on their own or used by fashion designers to complement and enrich the style of the product while promoting the brand. The best special accessories are integrated with trend-right concepts for the season, promote the brand effectively, and become useful products for the consumer. Customized branding solutions often can increase the perceived quality of the primary product, while providing added value to the customer.


Reca Mainetti is at the forefront of fashion. Our R&D team analyzes fashion trends, and our designers distill them into innovative products for retailers and brands. Our experts ensure that your labels, tags, patches, and accessories are beautifully coordinated and add that special touch.


Reca Mainetti is passionate about the world of fashion accessories. We believe labels, hangtags and packaging are expressions of luxury and style. Twice annually Reca Mainetti presents our seasonal Collections, releasing Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter editions in coordination with the global fashion calendar. We combine product innovation, material science, and our knowledge of trends to create tools that inspire fashion retailers and brands. The Collections showcase our expertise in the design and development of original and exclusive products. We help luxury and premium brands become more sustainable and navigate the intersection of branding, packaging and technology.

Reserved Area

Reca Mainetti offers its clients access to our web catalog, an extensive database of our branding and packaging products. A password-protected “Reserved Area” showcases labels, hangtags and packaging employed by many of the world’s leading luxury brands. The repository also includes many of our latest innovations from our seasonal collections. We use this as a collaborative tool in design consultations with customers. Reca Mainetti provides innovative products, inspiring design, and intelligent solutions to advance the conversation with premium and luxury brands.