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3 January 2023

Mainetti Group Accelerates Luxury Packaging Capabilities In Northern Europe With Acquisition Of Centurybox Group

Berkeley Heights, NJ, USA – January 3, 2023 – Mainetti Group, the global retail solution provider and a ‘sustainability-first’ company, is pleased to announce it has acquired Centurybox Group, a luxury packaging supplier based in Belgium. The new unit will operate as Centurybox Mainetti.

Mainetti is integrating Centurybox into its structural packaging division, which also offers a wide range of packaging solutions for many of the world’s best-known luxury fashion brands. Igor Fromont, CEO of Centurybox Group, will assume the role of Managing Director of Centurybox Mainetti.

“Centurybox is the perfect complement to Mainetti’s global packaging business. As well as our great products, and our thirty-five years’ experience creating packaging for the luxury market, Centurybox is a pioneer in digital sales of high-end packaging. Our team brings valuable e-commerce experience to leverage across Mainetti’s global businesses. Centurybox and Mainetti share the same values around eco-sustainability and social responsibility, and understand the importance of talent development,” said Fromont. “It’s a perfect match”.

The acquisition will accelerate Mainetti’s capability to serve the packaging needs of retailers and brands in Northern Europe. It is part of the company’s long-term strategy to provide customers with a complete range of structural and flexible packaging solutions to protect their products and showcase their brands.

“Mainetti is committed to expanding its packaging portfolio for the global retail and fashion industry”, said Paul Withers, Global Head – Packaging at Mainetti. “The addition of Centurybox brings with it excellent professional talent and digital selling expertise. With an extensive range of luxury boxes and bags, Centurybox Mainetti furthers our ability to provide retailers and brands with innovative and sustainable packaging products that meet their needs,” Withers added. “Mainetti is uniquely positioned in the industry. We remain confident that we can help today’s brands engage with their customers more effectively.”