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19 August 2022

Mainetti Rolls Out Global Recycling Initiatives

Mainetti Polyloop enables retailers and global supply chains to implement a closed loop recycling system

Mainetti Polyloop enables retailers and global supply chains to implement a closed-loop recycling system

Hong Kong, 19 Aug 2022 – Mainetti (“Mainetti” or the “Company”), the global retail solutions provider, is investigating the possibility of rolling out its Polyloop recycling initiative to Hong Kong, following its successful launch in the UK earlier this year.   

 With Hong Kong in the grips of a waste management crisis, Mainetti’s Polyloop system can help local corporations, including retailers and manufacturers, reduce their reliance on single-use plastic by implementing this innovative closed-loop recycling system. A number of UK and European retailers – including Superdry, George at Asda,, and s.Oliver – have utilized Mainetti’s pioneering Polyloop services. This is a first of its kind initiative that is truly global, leveraging Mainetti’s network of 47 manufacturing and recycling operations across the globe.   

Mainetti’s Polyloop solution, featuring its Clear Polythene Recycling Process, allows plastic packaging to be cleared of ink, labelling and contamination to become high-quality recycled raw material.   

The Polyloop process includes collecting unused polybags from distribution centres where they are cleaned and processed domestically before being distributed to Mainetti’s manufacturing site offshore. With its annual processing capacity of 4000 tonnes of recycled material, the group’s closed-loop recycling system enables its retail clients to meet their clear polythene sourcing requirements. 

Leveraging Mainetti’s strong track record of recycling, its clients can tap the opportunity to reduce plastic usage in their supply chain significantly.  

 Superdry, a premium UK brand with an ambitious recycling target, has partnered with Mainetti and has adopted the Polyloop process. Mr. Keith Kiu, General Manager of Superdry HK said, We know that the polybags we send to Mainetti’s Polyloop facility will not end up in landfills, but will be turned into new bags. Polyloop will help us combat quality, clarity, carbon emissions and waste. We therefore believe that closing the loop is the best possible solution we have found to date. 

 Mr. Shrikanth Narasimha, Director of Sustainability & Supply Chain at Mainetti, said, “Overuse of plastic and climate change is becoming a major issue for many policymakers and communities. Our partnership with Superdry and other global retailers demonstrates that we are able to drive meaningful change in the industry. By rolling out our newest recycling initiative Polyloop, along with our established  Hangerloop process for garment hangers, we work directly with our clients to tackle the most pressing issues on waste management.”   

He further commented, With ever-increasing demand for waste and carbon reduction, our launch of the Polyloop process will no doubt also serve as a solid foundation for supporting our clients in Asia to meet their green obligations. We look forward to walking this important sustainability journey with them and contributing to the circular economy.”