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Mainetti since 1961

in the beginning

It all started with Romeo Mainetti, a skillful racing car mechanic, who moved from Reggio Emilia to Valdagno, to work for the young Marzotto Counts who were all keen racing drivers.

Romeo Mainetti 6th from the left looking on.
Romeo Mainetti 6th from the left looking on.

The father of these young drivers was Count Gaetano, from the world famous textile company Marzotto.

In the early 1950's, Marzotto recognized the need for ready-made suits, naturally requiring the use of clothes hangers, which at the time were all made of wood.

Mario Mainetti worked for a plastics company and together with Romeo conceptualized producing high quality, ergonomically designed, plastic hangers which would present garments better than bulky and expensive wooden hangers.

Romeo and Mario had two other brothers, Luigi and Gianni.
The four brothers set up Fratelli Mainetti (FM), opening up a small workshop in San Quirico, close to Valdagno.

The business was established in 1961, Gianni took care of the marketing side of the business, Luigi managed production, and Romeo and Mario were responsible for the engineering disciplines.

Initially designing and producing hangers for Marzotto the business grew and soon began supplying all the major garment manufacturers in Italy: Monti, San Remo, Max Mara, Rinascente, and Gruppo Finanziario Tessile

The company moved to Castlegomberto quickly establishing a reputation for innovation and quality, the rest as they say is history.