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Global Forest

Mainetti Global Forest

Mainetti has planted trees in our local communities and in support of reforestation projects across the globe.

Deforestation is responsible for up to one-sixth of greenhouse gas emissions. In honor of our 60th Anniversary, we launched a project that we call the Mainetti Global Forest.

In our first year, we planted 6,000 trees. That’s one tree for every Mainetti employee. Or 100 trees for every year we’ve been in business. Whichever way you look at it, we are determined to leave the planet better than we found it. And this is a step in the right direction.

Mainetti is committed to planting 6,000 more trees this year, continuing the tradition to honor our 6,000 employees and improve the planet through tree planting.

As Mainetti reduces its carbon output and increases its use of clean energy in our facilities, the Global Forest project is another way that Mainetti demonstrates its commitment to making a difference on each of the six continents in which we operate.

Carbon Neutral in our Operations

Mainetti is proud to team up with Carbon Footprint, one of the world’s most trusted Climate Change Solutions providers.

Offsetting our entire carbon footprint through verified projects. That’s what we call progress.

The Mainetti Global Forest is Growing

Mainetti has planted 6,000 trees on 6 continents to commemorate our 60th anniversary. That’s one tree for every Mainetti employee. One hundred trees for every year we’ve been in business. We pledge to continue this practice and plant 6,000 more trees this year.