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31 March 2022

Ellen MacArthur Foundation members design and inspire circular solutions for the packaging industry

Collaboration project to reimagine pallet wrap

Collaboration project to reimagine pallet wrap

Here at Mainetti, we believe that only through collaboration can we meet the climate crisis head-on. Along with ten fellow Ellen MacArthur Foundation members, including Cisco, Berry Global Inc., Microsoft, The Estee Lauder Companies Inc., CHEP, BASF, Flex, Anthesis Group, SCG and WSP, Mainetti took part in the Stretch Wrap Alternative Project (SWAP) to spotlight viable alternatives to linear stretch wrap and promote continued exploration and development of circular solutions to drive adoption across industries globally. As part of the project, Mainetti utilized our Polyloop process to clean the material before it was sent for lab analysis and transit trialling. The project has identified that there is clear potential for recycling stretch wrap as recycling & cleaning technology improves and customers improve their reverse logistics.

Mainetti is extremely proud to work with the global organizations involved in the project. The relationships made in this network will be built upon through our continued membership in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation advancing the circular economy. Read the full report here.