Mainetti Tecnologie is the group’s Research and Development resource which develops high performance tooling and unique production equipment to ensure that each Mainetti company produces to exacting standards on a consistent basis.

By employing the latest Computer Aided Design our skilled/experienced engineers produce design concepts with the maximum flexibility built in at the very start.

Computer Aided Design aligned to rapid prototyping equipment enables us to produce accurate high quality moldings in a matter of hours which allow our customers to see, feel and test new designs with their garments in a practical way.

Mainetti Tecnologie continuously investigates all material types that could be used in the production of hangers with emphasis on performance and material finishes that create products of real distinction.

Mainetti Tecnologie selects the optimum production technology for each of the locations across the globe ensuring the same demanding high quality production standards are met wherever hangers are produced.

Mainetti Tecnologie developed a Dürkopp compliant hook which allows optimum use in Marks & Spencer's automated distribution centers. Mainetti has ten years' experience providing hooks which work effectively with the Dürkopp system.

These products are resilient enough for reuse.