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“In a drive to reduce the amount of packaging waste that Missguided generates, and to develop a more environmentally sustainable solution for the supply of plastic packaging generally, we are making a number of changes to the way in which our poly bags are produced and supplied.

In order to significantly reduce packaging waste and reduce our carbon footprint, we shall soon start recycling poly bags returned by our customers, by removing ink, labels and other contaminants, before converting the reprocessed material back into pellet form, so that it can then be used to make new poly bags.

This important initiative will require some changes to the way in which poly bags are manufactured and supplied, as well as how they are subsequently handled in the packaging waste stream.

To make this initiative a success, it is now extremely important that we effectively control the specification of the poly bags supplied, in terms of thickness and materials used, and in order to do this we have chosen Mainetti to supply our global requirement for clear self-seal bags.

Mainetti have a network of poly bag factories around the world, with local production in all our main sourcing locations, so are ideally equipped to provide us with a global solution for the manufacture and supply of these poly bags.

Accompanying this letter is the Missguided poly bag manual providing details of all the bags, as well as contact details for Mainetti sites and information about how to place orders.

Please ensure that you place any new orders for clear self-seal bags with Mainetti, and that , going forward, you do not source any bags for Missguided from any other source.

We will be monitoring the bags coming into our business over the coming months, and will be taking action against suppliers who continue to purchase bags from non-approved sources.

Mainetti will be using the material from the recycling of our poly bags to make new bags as part of a closed loop process, and this will not only significantly reduce our packaging waste, but will also provide us with a more environmentally sustainable solution for the poly bags that our business requires.”

– Head of Sourcing & Product Technology

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