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Hangers & Accessories

At Mainetti, we believe that a hanger is so much more than a functional tool. It is an integral part of branding. We design our garment hangers to give clothes the presentation and protection they deserve. We offer thousands of stock display hangers and custom solutions in a cost effective manner.

We know retailers often need more than just hangers to efficiently and attractively display their items. Mainetti offers several hanger accessories to enhance the look of the hangers, protect the garments, and simplify organizing and browsing.

Sustainable Hangers

Mainetti sustainable hangers are designed to minimize the use of newly manufactured oil-derived virgin plastic. Combine this product line with Mainetti’s global re-use and recycle programs for a custom-made sustainable offering in the new circular economy.

Virgin plastic is substantially replaced with recycled material, wood fiber and other naturally occurring substitutes, or a combination thereof.

Almost 80% of all plastic currently ends up in a landfill.  Mainetti offers sustainable hangers that are designed to address this via two methods:

  • The hangers are produced with an organic polymer that changes the product properties allowing it to be responsibly disposed in a Landfill. For more information, please visit
  • The hangers are produced with plastic mixed with material derived from landfill-diverted household waste.  The hanger is climate positive with the proper blend. Visit for more information.

Mainetti also provides hangers made from non-oil-based raw materials such as biopolymers and different types of paper.

In addition, Mainetti offers hangers made specifically from plastic that was at-risk to enter our oceans and pollute the marine environment.