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Flexible Packaging

A high-quality bag enhances your brand and transports your products in style

Mainetti is unique in having a global production network for flexible packaging, set up to serve the needs of the retail apparel industry.

With a local presence in 52 countries and 13 separate manufacturing locations, the company is perfectly equipped to serve retailers and brands wherever their garments are being manufactured.

From design and artwork, through to sampling and global production, the company offers a full ‘end to end’ service backed up by strong central control and professional project management.

Flexible Packaging products include:

  • Garment shrouds & transit bags
  • E-commerce sacks
  • Clear self-seal & flat pack bags
  • Product display bags
  • Laminated bags
  • Plastic shopping bags


Mainetti’s sustainable line of flexible packaging products

Mainetti collaborates with innovative partners and knowledge-leaders to develop more sustainable products. Our expanding M-film product line not only addresses what the film is made of, but also the product’s end-of-life.


M-film Air reduces the amount of newly produced oil-derived plastic used in flexible packaging. M-film Air comes in two globally available variants, a thinner option or a recycled option:

  1. Our proprietary Smartfilm formula enables us to make a substantially thinner film without compromising the product performance.
  2. Our product can be produced using up to 100% recycled material at RCS certified facilities.


Almost 80% of all plastic currently ends up in landfill. M-film Land addresses product end-of-life with the addition of an organic polymer that changes the product properties allowing it to be responsibly disposed in landfills. For more information, please visit


M-film Earth is partially derived from renewable resources and is industrially compostable. The product complies with American and European standards (ASTM D6400 and EN13432).  After composting, all that remains is nutrient rich biomass, water and carbon dioxide.