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Mainetti operates cutting-edge, environmentally-conscious manufacturing, reuse & recycling and distribution facilities in 90+ locations on six continents

The Mainetti Brothers founded the company with a goal of supplying high quality and cost-effective garment hangers to the Italian luxury market.  With innovative injection molding manufacturing techniques, Mainetti products eventually became accessible to all.  Today, their legacy manifests itself in our processing innovation.

Mainetti employees are proud to operate award winning facilities, including the largest hanger manufacturing factory in the world.  These factories supplement the widest reaching reuse and recycle supply chain, combining for over six billion hangers and accessories processed yearly.

We extend this legacy of innovation to flexible packaging by being the only true global supplier in this category.  Our plans include incorporating circular economy principles into this supply chain.

Mainetti is committed to driving our spirit of innovation into all of our product categories.