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Mainetti History

In the early 1950s, Romeo Mainetti, a skilled Italian racing car mechanic, went to work in Valdagno for racing drivers known as the Marzotto Counts.

The drivers’ father, Count Gaetano, was the textile pioneer behind the world-famous Marzotto corporation. Marzotto had begun to capitalize on the demand for ready-made suits, which required clothes hangers. At the time, these were made of wood.

Romeo’s brother, Mario, worked for a plastics company. Together, they devised an innovative hanger for the Count’s ready-made suits – a high quality, ergonomically designed plastic hanger that would present garments better than the bulky and expensive wooden version.

In 1961, Romeo and Mario teamed up with their brothers Gianni and Luigi to create Fratelli Mainetti (FM), and opened a small workshop in San Quirico. They quickly established a reputation for innovation and quality, supplying all the major garment manufacturers in Italy – including Monti, San Remo, Max Mara, and more. Outgrowing their workshop, the brothers later moved the company to Castelgomberto.

As demand for Mainetti products increased, they moved into the UK, and eventually into France, Canada, and the Netherlands. In the 1980s, they expanded throughout Northern Europe and into the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. In 1996, they acquired Pendy Plastic Products.

Today, Mainetti employs more than six thousand people in 90 locations on six continents. We have absolute control over the quality of our products and the welfare of our employees.