Mainetti partnered with one of America’s largest and most enduring department stores to enhance the consumer experience. We designed a new size marker that would work with the entire range of metal hook GS1/VICS compliant hangers. In doing so, consumers were able to easily identify their preferred garment sizes in seconds without the hassle of searching each article label individually. These size markers were specifically designed to be easily legible yet inconspicuous, available globally for attachment at the garment source, and readily recyclable. Although they were not a standard when introduced, the size marker’s popularity expanded and is officially listed as part of the GS1/VICS floor ready guidelines.

Mainetti’s heritage is based on design, engineering, and innovation. We are eager to work with any like-minded customer around the world to brainstorm and commercialize ideas to enhance the consumer experience and deliver more cost effective and revenue generating ideas for our retail partners.