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Mainetti’s Full Circle Initiative

Mainetti demonstrates its commitment to minimizing its impact on the environment through its FULL CIRCLE initiative.


Partnering with Carbon Footprint

We’re partnering with one of the world’s most trusted Climate Change solutions providers to achieve Carbon Neutral operations.



Polyloop Closed-Loop Recycling System

Mainetti develops genuine circular economy processes and practices to enable customers to implement proven solutions for single-use plastics.


We Are Mainetti

For sixty years, Mainetti has been a trusted partner to the world’s most respected and well-known retail and apparel brands. Our 6,000 employees in 90 locations on 6 continents come to work every day with a mission to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.

Global Footprint

We have offices, manufacturing plants and distribution networks in 90 locations on six continents. As a global company, we provide efficient, reliable service to all our customers while remaining true to our roots as an innovative, environmentally-conscious organization.



Mainetti is a leader in the global circular economy. We invest in every aspect of the supply chain to maintain the highest standards in quality and innovation, while constantly expanding our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. We pioneered garment hanger reuse and recycling, reusing over one billion hangers around the world every year. Our one-of-a-kind global offering is both cost-effective and sustainable for our customers and the industry – ensuring minimal plastic waste reaches landfill. We have expanded our holistic approach to all aspects of our business from raw material selection, design, manufacturing, and retail distribution. This maximizes the product life cycle for all of our Mainetti hangers, polybags, packaging, labels and RFID solutions.


Customer Service

With deep industry roots and an unwavering eye on the future, we work tirelessly to deliver the solutions our customers need.


Stability Through

Mainetti was founded in 1961 to address the changing landscape of retail. We have endured and thrived for six decades by upholding our commitment to consistent, sustainable innovation.