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14 July 2021

Mainetti Launches Innovative Paperform Hangers

Introducing a new concept of sustainable paper hanger to present clothing with style

Mainetti presents the Paperform Hanger range, offering retailers a sustainable and renewable addition to its portfolio of hangers. Made from recycled paper, and steel upon request, the hanger is completely plastic-free and is fully recyclable. The innovative range is offered in various hanger styles created by the supply chain solutions leader.

Mainetti focuses on product innovation with design front of mind. Mainetti’s Paperform Hangers boast exceptional functional and mechanical capabilities, while using a special high-performance recycled paper in place of plastic.

The range was developed over a period of two years, requiring considerable investment and securing three international patents. The production employs unique machinery and processing in a system that is owned entirely by Mainetti.

Paperform Hangers are available globally, and are valid for both transport and display. Retail partners can dispose of the product in an 100% eco-friendly way through domestic recycling systems at the end of its life.

Jeffrey Hsu, Mainetti’s Global Head – Hangers comments, “We’re thrilled to be launching our Mainetti Paperform Hanger range. We pride ourselves on bringing products to market that are innovative and sustainable. Paperform Hangers combine our signature designs with renewable materials, creating natural products that are fully recyclable. In 1961, Mainetti introduced plastic hangers as alternatives to traditional wooden hangers. We are proud to be offering this next breakthrough in design and function. Mainetti is committed to offering our customers the widest choice of sustainable packaging and retail solutions in the market.”

Mainetti Paperform Hangers are part of a long history of innovation at the company. Forty years ago, Mainetti introduced its industry-leading reuse and recycling system for garment hangers. Today, Mainetti offers this program to its global retail partners and has 30 Reuse and Recycling Centers worldwide.