Mainetti pioneered Garment On Hanger programs which many major store groups and multiple retailers subscribe to.

All our Garment On Hanger programs are developed in partnership with our customers, taking into account each retailer’s unique requirements.

Garment On Hanger programs create a consistent and uniform presentation in-store and ensures that every garment is displayed on the correct hanger style every time.

As sourcing patterns often extend across the globe, many of our products are produced worldwide to support the programs we have developed with our customers.

Mainetti Garment On Hanger programs help our customers reduce cost as the same hanger used to transport the garment is also used for display in-store.

As garments are delivered to store on the specified hanger, there is no need to keep a stockholding of hangers in-store.

Customer satisfaction is increased as the Garment On Hanger program frees up sales staff allowing them to concentrate on selling rather than preparing garments for sale.

All Mainetti hangers conform to the highest industry standards and will work effectively within any distribution system.

The Garment On Hanger program means one hanger - one cost.