The constant search for perfect products is the most important feature of Mainetti’s work.

At the heart of our business is the desire to provide exciting products that enhance our customers' presentation of their garments.

This is evident in the range of innovative display solutions we have developed and manufactured over the years.

Partnership is the key theme of our in-house design team. Whether developing new hanger styles for our extensive range, or working to your exclusive design brief, we focus on your objectives, and it is through this close relationship that we are able to deliver design solutions which solve real problems.

Mainetti’s design facilities are unique within the Industry. Our designers have accumulated vast knowledge and expertise in every aspect of garment hanger technology and use.

This cumulative experience is an invaluable resource which enables us to provide the most innovative solutions, across the broadest range of styles and appearances.

Serving an industry which is dynamic and constantly evolving, we are committed to helping customers improve their business by anticipating future needs and investing in the design, equipment and facilities to retain our position as leaders in our industry.