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The Mainetti Group is delighted to announce that it has formally entered the global RFID market by forming a strategic partnership with Fast Value Global of Japan.

Fast Value Global logo

The FVG business was started in Japan in 1961 by Sadae Nishino, and is run today by his son, Group CEO Toshihiro Nishino. Traditionally the business was Japan centric, providing Tags, Labels, Stickers, Care labels, insde the factoryand Woven Labels. In more recent times FVG has extended its foot print and entered the RFID market producing and selling a variety of RFID products mainly for the Japanese market.

Today FVG has developed into a full solution provider for the retail industry and is already the major or sole provider of RFID products and services for a number of Japanese retailers. FVG currently has offices and production facilities in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Bangladesh.

FVG technology

Mainetti Group Global Head of Packaging, Paul Withers said "Mainetti has been partnering with FVG for a number of years already on various RFID projects. In formally coming together the combination of FVG's cutting edge technical and production capabilities combined with Mainetti's fantastic global reach and unrivalled customer base allow us to offer the market a new and different choice. We believe that by developing solutions which focus on our customers' specific requirements rather than those of the provider, we can create added value and unlock the true potential of RFID technology".