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Experience for yourself today how an RFID system can be implemented at store-level, at our brand new Smart Retailing Experience Center.

Located in Shenzhen, China, inside Mainetti’s largest manufacturing facility, the Center offers a hands-on environment for interacting with the latest end-to-end retail services available.

The Center is divided into 2 sections demonstrating different aspects and capabilities of an RFID system; a warehouse for inventory control, and a storefront for general retail operations.

When you enter the warehouse section, equipped with our smart devices, you can experience the convenience and speed of an RFID-assisted stock-in and stock-out process. Reading gates are installed at all the exits, providing accurate hands-free inventory management.

Dedicated barcode printers for self-service RFID label creation are also available on location to illustrate the mobility and accessibility of the latest RFID technology.

The storefront section simulates a modernized and fully equipped retail store with a speedy checkout POS system, integrated with RFID and EAS technology. See with your own eyes how stock data is processed by the system in real-time.

RFID is the ultimate tool for ensuring efficient and accurate inventory control. A store-wide stock-take with RFID-tagged items can now be done in minutes. With faster more accurate inventory data available, management can easily reduce out-of-stock periods, which in turn boosts profits through higher sales.

The information collected enables detailed trend analysis for product profiling and optimising product displays and placement in-store.

Our advanced RFID anti-theft system offers great security whilst delivering exceptional customer experience by ensuring the deactivation of the EAS function upon the completion of checkout.