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Hangerloop™ is the industry leading reuse and recycling program serving global retailers and brands.

The circular economy is the key driver behind HangerloopTM. The 100% circular Hangerloop process was developed by Mainetti in the 1980s. Mainetti has grown to become the largest hanger company in the world while embracing circularity for four decades.

As pioneers of sustainability in retail, we wanted to design a cost-effective and sustainable process that would allow our customers to reuse and recycle hangers as much as possible.

Retailers are responsible for collecting used hangers from across their fleet of stores and getting them back to several of their centralized D.Cs. From there, hangers can be sent in bulk to any of Mainetti’s reuse centers. Mainetti then sorts the hanger by retail program and hanger style and during the sorting, the quality of the hangers is checked. The hangers that don’t pass Mainetti QA testing protocols are then scrapped, that material is used in new hanger production, a sustainable closed loop material recycling process.

The hangers that pass Mainetti testing protocols, are repacked and delivered to garment vendors around the world once again, just like the original first time we manufactured that very same hanger. These vendors then send full garment on hanger products back to the retailer to begin the process again.

HangerloopTM is a well-established, sustainable, closed-loop hanger reuse and recycling process embraced by leading retailers around the world.