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Reuse & Recycle Programs

Mainetti is rooted in good environmental practice and constantly strives to reduce our carbon footprint and waste

Mainetti pioneered hanger reuse and recycle programs in 1986 with the acquisition of a UK company that focused on providing real solutions for plastic recycling.  This affirmed our commitment towards a more sustainable business approach.

Mainetti designs equipment and processes to ensure all waste streams are managed in the most environmentally responsible manner and minimize waste to landfill. Whenever possible we reclaim hangers for reuse and distribute them in-country and to international markets where garments are produced. Each reclaimed hanger reduces carbon emissions by a minimum of 80% compared to manufactured hangers with new plastic.  Unsuitable hangers are granulated and the reclaimed material is used to produce new products with recycled material.

Today we are leaders in the global circular economy. We operate hanger reuse and recycle programs around the world, with 24 locations that service international retailers and brands. This combined with our extensive distribution network allows for the seamless reintroduction of over one billion hangers into the supply chain every year. Our modern reuse and recycle facilities provide a highly efficient and sustainable service for our customers.

Mainetti is passionate about our industry-leading sustainable initiatives.  We are working to integrate circular economy principles into all applicable product categories.

Mainetti Recycled Plastic