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If you have a challenge, Mainetti has the solution.

We help our customers produce the best retail experience possible while reducing costs and minimizing the carbon footprint. Explore how our branding, packaging, supply chain, intelligent (RFID) and health safety solutions improve the customer experience and enhance the perceived quality and value of products.

Packaging Solutions

Mainetti offers a comprehensive range of stock to fully customized solutions that enable retailers and brands to package, transport, protect and present products more effectively.

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Branding Solutions

Mainetti provides innovative branding solutions to identify, decorate, display and protect products. We enable retailers and brands to design and merchandise more effectively and responsibly.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Mainetti develops products and processes that improve the effectiveness of our customers’ supply chains on a global scale.

We utilize the strength of our 6000 employees spread across 90 locations on six continents to deliver the diverse solutions required today.

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Intelligent Solutions

Mainetti’s commitment to innovation provides comprehensive end to end solutions focusing on inventory accuracy, process simplification and enhanced customer experience, resulting in significantly improved retailer profitability.

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Health & Safety Solutions

Mainetti delivers innovative health and safety solutions that help to promote a better quality of life

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