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Software & Hardware

Mainetti’s software & hardware products enable retailers to manage inventory, improve security and better connect with consumers


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Through Retail Reload, we offer a real-time, unified inventory management platform that drives omni-channel success and provides captivating experiences for connected customers. Whether we use existing hardware or a new installation, our software delivers an unbeatable return-on-investment. We deliver more, with less investment than traditional RFID providers.

Mainetti executes pilot programs in less than four months with a proven seven month ROI. We supply hardware from our best-in-class strategic partners, or our customers can utilize their own equipment. In cases where RFID has already been deployed without substantial benefit, we will optimize pilot stores in two to three months with an actual five month ROI. Our customers can achieve omni-channel success in ten months or less. Our RFID based SaaS software solutions will transform any business.

Retail Reload


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Mainetti can supply all your hardware needs from simple hand-held readers, tunnels, and gates for warehousing and distribution; to store self checkouts, magic mirrors and security systems for a superior consumer experience.

Through our partnership with Ksubaka we present Cloudshelf, a powerful offline-to-online commerce solution that gives consumers a convenient way to browse, order and pay for products in-store, even if they are not kept in stock. Implementation can be accomplished in as little as four weeks with almost no involvement from an IT team using our digital kiosks or existing touchscreens.