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Software & Hardware

Mainetti provides end to end solutions, including software and hardware, specifically optimized for retail and brand owners from the point of manufacture to the point of sale.

Through ownership, investment, and strategic partnerships, Mainetti delivers software and hardware that assures a seamless solution for its clients.  From a cloud-based software platform providing near real-time product movement and customer experience to the world’s largest and best hardware solution providers, Mainetti is committed to delivering a quick return on investment.


Retail Reload Logo
Our SaaS based RFID solution, Retail Reload, offers retailers a near real-time, unified, and accurate inventory with surgical precision. Retail Reload focuses on the customer experience assuring they have what they want, when they want it, where they want it and how they want it. Omni-Channel retailing is the new normal for retailers to be successful. Retail Reload simplifies processes to assure retailers can find a product anywhere within the supply chain and sell to the last SKU. Store associates are freed up to spend time where it matters most, with their customers. New processes like buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) ensure customers to receive their product when they arrive, and guarantees retailers an easier more profitable way to conduct business.


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Through our partnership with Cloudshelf, a powerful offline-to-online commerce solution, Mainetti gives customers a convenient way to browse, order and pay for products in-store, even if they are not kept in stock. Implementation can be accomplished in as little as four weeks with almost no involvement from an IT team using our digital kiosks or using existing store touchscreens.

RFID Hardware: While Mainetti’s solution remains vendor agnostic, we work closely with several of the world’s leading hardware providers to assure the perfect fit for every retailer’s unique requirements.