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RFID is the ultimate tool for ensuring efficient and accurate inventory control, tracking sales trends, and driving a unique customer experience.

Since 2018, Mainetti has partnered with RFID solutions providers to help retailers master the capacity of RFID to meet the specific needs of consumers – and maximize overall profitability:

  • Help retailers complete a store-wide stock-take with RFID-tagged items in minutes.
  • RFID provides detailed trend analyses to ensure retailers are optimizing product profiling, product displays, and placement in-store.
  • Advanced RFID anti-theft system combines superior security with an exceptional customer experience by ensuring the deactivation of the EAS function once checkout is complete.
  • Enable supply chain management as well as improved customer experience with our partnership with Retail Reload.

EAS – Electronic Article Surveillance

Mainetti supplies a comprehensive range of electronic article surveillance tagging solutions that help prevent theft and ensure our customers’ success.

Our products help reduce theft within the supply chain and in-store. We produce reusable, easy-to-use tags that are attached to merchandise at the source or at the store, and removed at the register after purchase.

And all of our tagging programs have global reuse capabilities, allowing us to manage tags for our customers around the world.