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NextLevel RFID

Mainetti’s NextLevel RFID takes retailers beyond basic inventory counting and provides solutions to improve profitability today with a focus on what matters – the customer.

More than simply another program to count product, Mainetti’s commitment to innovation provides solutions for retailers to successfully compete in today’s economy, making the customer the complete focus. To service the customer properly, stock availability is a necessity. Merchandise must be where the customer requires it, when they want it, how they want it and all without breaking the bank.

Mainetti’s NextLevel RFID solutions provide near real-time inventory accuracy with near surgical precision. It simplifies everyday retail store processes allowing associates more time to spend where it is matters, with the customer. NextLevel RFID focuses on:

  • Near real-time inventory accuracy
  • Simplified omnichannel processes
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • A smooth and frictionless shopping experience
  • A quick return on investment