In today’s environmentally aware world retailers, garment producers and hanger manufacturers are all seeking to better use the resources available to them.

Mainetti pioneered hanger recycling on behalf of its customers in the late 1960’s and has managed reuse programmes for many of its customers from the mid 1980’s.

Today, we operate extensive reuse programmes in Europe and the United States of America and redistribute hangers for reintroduction into the supply chain through our global network of companies.

Mainetti's customised resorting/reuse facilities provide a highly efficient service to customers – from collection, through inspection and sorting, to reintroduction within the supply chain.

Reuse and Recycling are expanding activities within the Mainetti Group which are underpinned by continuous investment, our commitment to this important part of the hanger supply market.

Equipment that is unique to Mainetti and the processes we use in the recycling activity ensures that all of the waste streams are managed in the most environmentally responsible manner and that none of the waste material generated goes to land fill.

Whenever possible we reclaim hangers for reuse.

Any hanger that cannot be reused is granulated and the reclaimed material is used for producing new hangers. 

Mainetti's reuse and recycling schemes are developed as partnerships with our customers. 

We actively encourage our customers and provide the necessary support and advice, securing the highest possible number of recyclable hangers that are returned to the recycling centre.

Through our well established reliable distribution system, Mainetti will ensure that garment manufacturers receive reusable hangers, together with new hangers when placing their regular hanger order ensuring the best possible value and utilisation of resources.

Contact your local Mainetti office to see how we can help you help the environment.