Global reach with a local presence and an unwavering commitment to the environment. These values have driven our growth to a host of new markets all over the world. Positioning us as the global force in our industry. It has made us synonymous with innovation and the first choice for many of the most famous names and finest reputations. Today were far more than just hangers, from luxury handmade bags and bespoke packaging solutions to personalized branded products ours is a single-minded pursuit of the perfect presentation solution.

As the industry leader we're dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the challenges faced by our customers. It means constantly aiming to improve our products and services and as our customers requirements constantly evolve we innovate and our range continues to grow.

We now supply RFID solutions, which allow our customers greater visibility of their products and dramatically improves the performance of their operations. As our range expands so do we.

In fact our pace of expansion has never been greater today Mainetti has expanded across six continents. With production facilities in the UK Italy India Bangladesh China and Vietnam as well as packaging companies in Sri Lanka China and India. Altogether we have operations in more than 50 locations, with 14 in Europe and 10 in the Americas alone. Producing some six billion hangers and accessories each year. Mainetti provides our customers with more options and more solutions in more locations. And we do it faster than anyone else. Speed to market is vital to our customers and fundamental to us. But speed is nothing without control. Owning our own factories means we directly control the production quality, stock holding and delivery.

Our in-house design teams come up with a solution. We prototype immediately. We custom build the tooling. We even produce our own metalwork. More control means more influence, more awareness and more engagement. This speed and flexibility means that wherever a customer is and whatever they need we respond instantly. We are a truly end-to-end service provider

Mainetti has pioneered extensive reuse programs across the globe. Saving over one billion hangers and accessories from landfill each year. Those we can't reuse are granulated and recycled to produce new hangers. Our sophisticated systems ensure that no materials are wasted. We call this return to source and it demonstrates our firm commitment to lead the industry when it comes to reusing and recycling.

An unrivalled product range is nothing without the people to back it up. Our staff are our greatest asset. Mainetti is more than six thousand people making highly skilled contributions worldwide. From designers and tool makers to engineers and operators our people are fundamental to the way we do business. We are committed to providing a safe ethical working environment with equal opportunity for all. Our commitment is reflected in their passion.

At Mainetti we have been providing industry defining innovation and solutions for over half a century and were only just getting started. Be it bags, boxes, garment covers, carrier bags, packaging labels or the bespoke hangers that made our name, Mainetti has the perfect product for every need.

The pursuit of excellence remains at the heart of everything we do. By caring for our customers our people and the incredible work they do. Mainetti will be at the forefront of fashion for many years to come.