With offices, manufacturing plants and distribution networks in over 40 countries, Mainetti offers job security and income for more than four thousand employees and their families.

Every effort is made to support our workforce. Unparalleled training and equal opportunities actively encourage our staff to excel in their workplace.

Our promotion of safe, ethical environments makes its way into the wider communities surrounding our work areas.

Mainetti has always taken an active role wherever we operate, supporting many worthy causes. Mainetti recognises that its employees have an important role to play within the wider community and seeks to provide every effort to support its staff with charitable endeavours and local initiatives.

An example of how seriously we take our responsibilities to contribute to the communities in which we operate is evident in our ‘Mainetti Schools’ programme in China.

Through sponsorship and support our purely voluntary teams take an active role and get involved with their own local projects and initiatives.

Crumbling and hazardous environments with insufficient facilities have been transformed into stimulating and enjoyable places to learn and develop.

We are proud to say that all over the world there are charitable endeavours and worthy causes benefiting from Mainetti and the active commitment made from all of our people.

These activities have included promoting and the sponsorship of individual and social activities, fundraising for hospitals and schools and co-ordinating with aid agencies and local authorities for projects around the world.

And while the main focus is on the future of children, adults are also being helped to maintain healthy, productive, dignified lives.

This is thanks wholly to the dedicated individuals who are committed to nurturing and sustaining the communities in which all of our companies operate.