Mainetti is committed to having the highest level of quality in the industry. We achieve outstanding quality performance through rigorous quality systems and standards and continued investment in every aspect of the production and inspection process.

Emphasis is placed on quality design and from the outset we build quality into our products and services to ensure consistency wherever they are produced and delivered.

Mainetti manufactures in accordance to recognized quality management standards (ISO 9001:2008).

All our products are manufactured to agreed specifications and undergo stringent testing both in-house and by external agencies to ensure product conformance and performance.

We have established long-term relationships with the most respected suppliers to our industry and we strive to achieve outstanding performance in our supply chain.

Our common vision is exceptional quality, continuous improvement and excellence in customer service.

By keeping abreast of and implementing the latest technologies and through a commitment to the development of our professional and dedicated workforce, we will continue to improve our superior quality.

All raw materials are purchased with a certificate of conformity against rigid specifications and we employ additional random testing to ensure that our products are fully REACH compliant. This is particularly important when non-virgin polymer is sourced.

All hooks and clips used are sourced from suppliers who exclusively use a Cr3+ process. This ensures that all employees through the entire supply chain and our customer's health and the environment are not put at risk. All metalwork is tested to ASTM B117 and achieves a minimum corrosion resistance of 384 hours which is necessary to facilitate high yields demanded in re-use. In addition all our hooks carry a tracer to aid positive identification of our finished products.